February 22, 2018

Dear AO Doctors:

Welcome to 2018 from the board of directors of the R.W. Sweat Foundation.

You are truly the greatest doctors in the world!  Your commitment to Atlas Orthogonal is unprecedented.  We are extremely proud of all of you.  We know that this is not an easy program and it takes many hours of dedication to learn.  You should all be as proud of yourselves as we are of you!

Please continue to follow our standard of care.  We have gotten multiple letters from patients saying that doctors are giving multiple thrusts without examining the patient between adjustments.  Dr. Sweat has always said if you have to change the vectors and give another thrust you must first examine the patient’s scanning palpation and leg check.  He has also said that you should never give more than 3-4 adjustments per visit.  There was an article published entitled “Standard of Care for Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Procedures.”  We will post this article on the website.

The R.W. Sweat Foundation is currently soliciting your patient’s testimonials.  Tecla has sent out some paperwork as well as some guidelines.  Dr. Roy and Dr. Matthew Sweat want to have 1000 of these testimonials to put in a book.  The goal is to publish this book for you to put in your offices to show the great and profound difference we are making in the lives of our patients.

The R.W. Sweat Foundation needs to be included in your giving.  Most of you understand that in order to receive you must give.  Dr. Sweat has given more than 60 years to the betterment of chiropractic.  We all have benefited from his care and his genius.  We all have stories of how our lives were literally saved by AO.  To quote one of our great AO doctors, “Everything that I have, the clothes on my back, my cars, my office, my home…I owe to Dr. Sweat and what he has taught me.”  That is a profound statement with which I know most all of you would agree.  Please continue to give generously.  One office visit a month from everyone would be great.  I continue to give $100 per month.  You can put it on your credit card so it is very easy.  If all of us did this it would give the foundation at least $300,000 per year!  Imagine the work that we can get done with that kind of money!

The policy of the program is that you must attend an Atlas Orthogonal Seminar at least every two years.  The Grostic Program required 2 times per year.  Most of the advanced techniques require these programs.  If you do not attend the required seminars we will be forced to remove you from the directory.  There are many opportunities to get to an Atlas Orthogonal Seminar including the ones in Atlanta, California, Washington and Canada.  Learning one thing at these seminars is worth the price of admission.  Dr. Sweat has said that if you learn one thing from the Seminar it was worth it.  You can also attend the dissection seminars, the basic seminars and the B.C.A.O. seminars.

I hope all of you are doing well this year.  We have some exciting things planned for this year.  I hope to see all of you at the Atlas Orthogonal Advanced Seminar the third weekend in May.


Dennis G. Fiorini, D.C., B.C.A.O.