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P.O. Box 437
Rock Hill, N.Y. 12775
Phone (845)-796-2200
Fax (845) 796-3724



Palmer College of Chiropractic (1984 – 1987)
Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Post Graduate Training (1990 – 2009)


Specific Cervical Chiropractic Certification: 500 hours (1984-1987)
-Clinical Externship in Specific Cervical Chiropractic Analysis,
-X-ray Techniques, Spinal Biomechanics and Philosophy
Sherman College of Chiropractic Atlas Orthogonal Board Certification Program (1998)
Sweat Foundation Atlas Orthogonal Board Certification Program (1992)
Certified in Electro diagnostics – University of Bridgeport (2003)
Certification in Digital Motion X-Ray Functional Imaging & Anatomy (Comprehensive Course including Principals of Anatomy, Whiplash Diagnosis DMX Protocols, Interpretation, Biomechanics of Whiplash, Vector Forces and Injury, Radiation Safety and Protection) (2003)
Master Certification in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology – Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD) (2004)
Certification in Low Speed Automobile Crash Reconstruction (SRISD) (2004)
Graduate of Center for Research into Automotive Safety and Health (CRASH) – Spine Research Institute of San Diego (2004)
Certified in Live Automobile Crash Testing (SRISD) (2004)
Certified in Motor Vehicle Crash Forensic Risk Analysis (SRISD) (2004)
Graduate 9th Annual Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD) Scientific Conference (2004)


Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges & Universities (1986-87)
Department Teaching Assistant Palmer College of Chiropractic
Palmer College of Chiropractic – Student taught -Upper Cervical Technique and Principals
Palmer College of Chiropractic – President Upper Cervical Society


Vice President of the
R.W. Sweat Research Foundation
Atlanta, Georgia

Chairman of National Institute of Health-
Atlas Orthogonal Grant Program (2001)

Atlas Orthogonal Humanitarian Award (1995)

Journal of Whiplash and Related Disorders:
Co-Author of Resolution of Cervical Complications secondary to Motor Vehicle Accident by the Application of Stereotactic Cervical Alignment (SCALE) Methods: Statistical Review of 54 Patients (2006)

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor of the Year Award (2006)

Presenter on Trauma Imaging at North American Spine Society Convention Seattle (2006)

Presenter at the International Whiplash Trauma Congress Miami (2007), On Dynamic MRI Imaging.

Presenter at numerous Upright MRI facilities around the country on Advanced Dynamic MRI Imaging (2006-2009), in the following states, New Jersey, Minnesota, California, Delaware and New York.

Presenter at the Atlas Orthogonal Advanced Conferences in Atlanta on Advanced Dynamic MRI Imaging (2005-2009)

Board Member of the Upper Cervical Diplomate Program Sherman College Of Chiropractic 2008

Developer of the Rosa Trauma Imaging Procedure ( i.e. Motion X-Ray/Dynamic Upright MRI) , “patent pending”

Co-Author of “A case-control study of cerebellar tonsillar ectopia and cervical spine trauma”. Presently in Review for publication British Medical Journal.

Presenter on Advanced Dynamic Upright MRI at FONOR corporation in Melville, New York (October 2009).

Presenter for the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association on Advanced Dynamic Imaging (October 2009).


Member of Society of Automotive Engineering (2003)

Monticello PBA Physician since (2002)

Certified Instructor Atlas Orthogonal Procedure’s

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Internship Program since (1990)

In Private Practice as Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor since (1988)