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ATLANTA (October 27, 2009) – Most women are always within reach of their beloved hand bags, and Christian radio traffic reporter Heidi Rew of 104.7 The Fish, was no different.

But when Heidi, 28, began to experience chronic and debilitating headaches, the radio darling never would have guessed her pain could be related to an oversized purse. After all, many women carry large hand bags, right?

Enter Dr. Matthew Sweat of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic, who after one consultation was able to attribute Heidi’s headaches to a disc misalignment. The culprit: her seven-and-one-half-pound purse.

After taking x-rays, Dr. Matthew determined the misplaced disc was likely a left-over injury from a car accident nearly five years ago, and Heidi’s heavy hand bag was further nagging the pain.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic located on Chamblee Tucker Road in Atlanta practices a revolutionary method of chiropractic medicine that uses a miracle machine to send mild vibrations to the neck’s atlas – the top bone of the spinal cord that supports the skull – that helps realign the spine. This method requires no manipulation of the spine through physical adjustments. Dr. Roy Sweat, Dr. Matthew’s father, is the founder of the atlas orthogonal procedure, which has been featured on “The Doctors,” and “The Montel Williams Show.”

Before her referral to Dr. Matthew, Heidi had had been treated by several primary care physicians who prescribed steroids and muscle relaxers to relieve the pain. Even though an MRI indicated no obvious cause of the headaches, they did determine Heidi suffers from a low thyroid, which may have contributed to her headaches.

But after many years of ineffective treatments and inconclusive diagnoses, Heidi turned to Dr. Matthew, and after one treatment her tension was relieved immediately.

Heidi was so elated, she raved about Dr. Matthew and his treatment on-air saying, “I haven’t felt this good in years.” As for Heidi’s purse, Dr. Matthew asked that she consider a lighter accessory.

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